From Cairo to Würzburg to Chemnitz and back

IMG_0193 (2)

It is me, Iman Abouhassan,  in front of an virtual installation in the smac. I love this installation because the visitor interact with the exhibition and the archaeological objects in a very emotional way.

انه انا إيمان امام المكان المفضل لي في المتحف حيث يستطيع الزائر ان يتفاعل عاطفيا مع المعروضات

HI,  my name is Iman Abouhassan. I graduated from the faculty of Archeology at Cairo University and working now for the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt at the Grand Egyptian Museum as archaeologist. I came from Egypt as DAAD exchange student from Helwan University to Julius Maximilian University Würzburg for the German master program (Museum und Alte Kulturen) for one semester.  Part of the program is to have 4 weeks internship in a museum, so I am here in smac from 07.08.17-01.09.17.

Why smac?